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Realistic Sex Toys For Women Are Extremely Popular

Even though a lot of women believe that men are the ones that are visual creatures, women kind of fit in that same category as well. As a woman, I want good looking things. I want my house to look great, my car to look incredible, and of course I want to feel like I look great as well. We are visual creatures, which is probably why there is such an increased demand for realistic sex toys for women.

Men have been catered to in many different reasons when it comes to sex toys. There are so many different toys that are made to look exactly like the female form. However, when it comes to sex toys for women, a lot of our toys are designed to stimulate us, without having any aesthetic appeal to go along with it. Well, thankfully there are a few good realistic sex toys for women out there.

The Ladygasm Brian, Ladygasm Flex, and Ladygasm Alex are all great realistic sex toys for women that not only feel incredible but look incredible as well. The assumption that women do not like realistic appearing sex toys could be any further from the truth. These three toys not only feel like the real thing, but they look like it as well.

The Ladygasm Brian- The Ladygasm Brian is a fairly large vibrating dildo that was actually taken from a mold of an actual guys cock. Talk about a realistic sex toy, this toy has it all. It looks and feels like the real thing with an added twist. The Ladygasm Brian has vibrating tendencies, now no real man can force his cock to vibrate along your g-spot.

The Ladygasm Alex- The Ladygasm Alex is a toy that belongs in the same category with the Ladygasm Brian. There are a few things that separate the Ladygasm Alex from the other realistic vibrating dildo. The Ladygasm Alex is longer than the Ladygasm Brian, but it lacks the amount of girth that the other vibrating dildo possesses. Still with its length, appearance, and vibrating abilities, the Ladygasm Alex is definitely one of my favorite realistic vibrators.

The Ladygasm Flex- The Ladygasm Flex is definitely different from the Ladygasm Alex and the Ladygasm Brian. This dildo does not have any vibrating abilities, but it does do something special in its own regard. The Ladygasm Flex has the ability to stick itself to different surfaces; allowing you to control the way that it is used. You can stick to chair, and ride the hell out of the thing, or stick it to wall and slide back and forth over it. Basically, with the Ladygasm Flex you never have to worry about repeating the same masturbation routines again and again.

These are three of my favorite realistic sex toys for women that are available. There are a lot of different toys that are also designed to stimulate the anus and the clitoris as well. I’ve found that when it comes to masturbating, there are some things that I am particular about, and the appearance of my sex toys is one of these things.