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How Accurate Are Fleshlight Review Articles?

A Fleshlight Review Article Cannot Tell You Everything There Is To Know About The Fleshlight Sex Toys

Imagine if there was one special male sex toy that combined suction, friction, Fap with SexToys, and vibrations; What if I told you that you could experience all of these enjoyable sexual feelings, with a handy little toy known as a Fleshlight. But, before you take my word for it, have a look at this Fleshlight review first.

What Is A Fleshlight?

A Fleshlight is a male masturbator. It is designed to look and feel just like the inside of a woman. However, one thing that the Fleshlight does not do that a woman does is tell you to stop. With the Fleshlight male sex toys, you can have hours of fun and never have to stop until you are ready.

Just like with real sex, the Fleshlight does take some time to get itself warmed up. Before you can slide your hard cock inside of the open hole of this toy, you need to warm it up first. Nothing will make you lose an erection, bigger than sliding yourself into an ice cold hole. The Fleshlight can be immersed in warm water to get it nice and warm for your insertion.

Be aware, that just because you are applying some water to the outside surface of the toy, this does not mean that you neglect using lube. You should lube your cock up before placing it inside of the toy; because, the toy after all, is still a toy. It does not have the ability to naturally lubricate itself in the same fashion that a woman does.

How Does It Feel To Be Buried Inside of a Fleshlight?

Most of the Fleshlight review articles that you will run across will say that masturbating with a Fleshlight feels just like having real sex. Well, I’m not going to pull your leg and tell you that want you use a Fleshlight its just like laying down in bed with a sexy woman- because its not. In fact, I believe that using a Fleshlight feels better than lying in bed with a woman.

Now, before any women start to complain about this incredible male sex toy, you guys need to hear me out. The Fleshlight has different interior skins that allow guys to customize their masturbation experience. If you want to feel something a little rough rubbing against your cock, there is a Fleshlight for that, if you want to have something vibrate against your cock while you are pounding it, there is a Fleshlight for that.

Point blank, there is a Fleshlight for every type of sexual encounter that you want to have. So, why would so many Fleshlight review articles say that masturbating with a Fleshlight is the same exact thing as having real sex? Well, because most guys just don’t know how to explain how the toy works in lament terms.

The Fleshlight male sex toy is not going to make you forget about having sex with a real partner, but it will satisfy your sexual urges when you do not have a partner around. A Fleshlight review article cannot begin to tell you everything that the Fleshlight male sex toy does. Instead of sitting back and reading through a bunch of Fleshlight review articles, why don’t you do yourself a favor and become the reviewer.

What To Look For When Reading Through Fleshlight Review Articles

Fleshlight Review| The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly| Telling A Good Fleshlight Review From A Bad One

Fleshlight Review Articles: What Separates The Good From The Bad?

One question that I hear a lot when it comes to sex toys concerns sex toy review articles. By entering the terms “Fleshlight review,” into your favorite search engine, you are destined to come up with a million pages that you can venture onto. But, what differentiates a good Fleshlight review article from a bad one.

Well, there are a lot of things that separate a good Fleshlight review article from a bad article. First of all, not to sound all technical, but good Fleshlight review articles make sense. No one wants to read a bunch of gibberish about how great it felt to use a toy and then boom the guy spits his load. Sorry to tell the people that write these articles, but no one is buying it.

A genuine Fleshlight review article should tell you a little bit about the person’s personal encounter with the toy, but it should not go all into detail about what was done with the toy. If someone wanted to read something about porn, they wouldn’t, they would watch it instead. I know that I have a lot of people that understand exactly where I am coming from with this point.

A genuine Fleshlight review article should clearly outline the advantages and disadvantages of using the toy. If the only thing that the review article tells you is how great the toy is, you never get an understanding that this toy, just like every other consumer product on the market is not going to please everyone. In fact, even though the Fleshlight male sex toys are the number one selling sex toy on the market today, there are still some people that do not believe that it belongs in this category.

Not to offend anyone, but one thing that I personally believe that I was told by a real close friend of mine, is opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. With this said, you cannot expect every person in the world to go crazy over a product or service just because you are. I’m pretty sure that there are people right now that are using a different male masturbator, and thinking that I am talking complete gibberish.

I understand exactly where your coming from, in order to make someone believe that something is great, a lot of companies will hire writers to embellish on a product. But, I am the consumer market. I have bought a Fleshlight and I have used the product myself. I know what this toy is capable of, and I know the experiences that I received while using it.

Am I going to tell you that I spit my load inside of the toy? Yes I am. But, on a side note, I realize that looking for a genuine Fleshlight review article is difficult to do. Word to the wise, if you are not buying the line that is being given to you by a well crafted writer, then you need to leave the page. I can tell you the same thing that you have probably already heard about the Fleshlight male sex toys.

However, in all honesty, I think the only way to review a product is to use it. If the Fleshlight male sex toy is being said to be the best male sex toy on the planet, why not give it a shot, you have nothing to lose, but some built up cum and perhaps blue balls.

The Fleshlight Male Sex Toy: Pick Your Favorite Porn Star To Fuck

Fleshlight| The Women Behind The Molds| Three Porn Stars You Want To Fuck

Fleshlight Male Sex Toys That Are Made From Molds Of Porn Stars

Porn stars are hot, if they weren’t guys wouldn’t be as addicted to porn like they are. Going off of the fact that guys love porn stars, the creator of the Fleshlight series toys decided to do a little experiment. Why not let the guys that fantasize night and day about fucking a porn star get the opportunity to do so. With this thought came the Jenna Haze Lotus, Tera Patrick Swallow and the Stoya Forbidden.

But, who are the girls behind the porn? Well, Jenna Haze is a phenomenal porn star; she does it in any way you want whenever you want it. Guys are turned on, not only by Jenna’s incredible body, but also by her sweet seductive voice. The Jenna Haze Lotus is a mold of the famous porn stars pussy. If you have ever wondered what it would feel like to fuck Jenna, the Henna Haze Lotus Fleshlight gives you the opportunity to do so.

Then of course, there is the Tera Patrick Swallow. The Tera Patrick Swallow was made from a mold of the porn stars mouth. You have probably seen quiet a few of Tera’s porns where she is deep throating a guy. Did you ever hope or possibly pray that Tera Patrick would one day take your cock down her throat? Well, with the Tera Patrick Swallow your dream can become your reality.

Last but not least, for all of the guys that like to get a little ass, the Stoya Forbidden Fleshlight will more than suffice. This incredible male sex toy is made from a mold of porn stars ass. If you have ever seen Stoya bend over and take it in her tight little asshole and wanted to be the guy giving it to her, well with the Stoya Forbidden Fleshlight, you can give it to her all night long.


Can you imagine how incredible it would be, to be sitting at your house with nothing to do, and then pop a porn in and get the chance to fuck the same girl that you are watching? Talk about being kinky and getting what you want at the same time. If there is one thing I can honestly say about the Fleshlight male sex toys that are made from actual molds of people, it’s that these toys have raised the bar on the male sex toy industry.

I mean honestly, what guy has not fantasized about sticking his hard cock into the mouth, ass, or pussy of a hot porn star? Not only do guys get their wishes when it comes to using these toys, but they also get to experience an incredible orgasm that is unreal. Not every guy is going to be given the opportunity to live out their every fantasy, but with the Fleshlight male sex toys, at least your deepest fantasies about sleeping with a porn star can kind of be lived out.

Bur, I’m not going to be the one to convince you that you should get one Fleshlight over the other. Steven Shubin the creator of the Fleshlight male sex toys is constantly looking for new girls that want to show some love the male population. What better way to do that, then to let the male population know how great it would feel to be with you.